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"Dobrý den, máte nějaký pokoj pro dvě osoby?"

Translation:Hello, do you have a room for two people?

June 21, 2018



Would it be correct to leave out 'nejaky'?


Dictionary hint suggests "some", but my answer was rejected because it expected "do you have any room" instead of "do you have some room".


The hints will frequently contain valid translations of that word, which however may not be applicable to the current sentence.


The word "nejaky" means "some kind of" so the translation should include it. "Good day, do you have some kind of room for two people?" or do you just omit it in Czech?


Here's my take on this. I'm not a Czech native speaker, but it's my understanding that nějaký is often used simply to mean "a/an," though it can also have the meaning that you suggest. On the English side, I'd say that "Do you have a room..." is much more likely to be used than "Do you have some kind of room..." -- maybe especially so here, since the sentence specifies the kind of room -- "for two people" -- that's of interest. (Just one person's opinion...)


I grew up with my “Babi” and mom who spoke Czech. My answers reflect a sort of “Americanized Czech”. I am learning a lot about “Czech Czech”.

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