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  5. "nuq boneH? De' wIneH."

"nuq boneH? De' wIneH."

Translation:What do you want? We want information.

June 21, 2018



'Iv ghaH cha'DIch'e'?


SoH 'Iv?
--mI' cha' chu'.
'Iv ghaH mI' wa''e'?
--mI' jav SoH.
mI' jIHbe'! loD tlhab jIH!


'oH boSuqbe'!

wISuqmeH wanHa' chonnaQ HeSwI' ghap wIlo'.


The English phrase by hook or by crook has an uncertain origin, but it means by any means necessary. If we are to translate the idiom rather than the literal words, it might be something like maQapmeH to' vuSHa'lu' In order that we succeed, tactics are unlimited.

If we were to translate the words literally, which might not be the actual origin of the phrase, it might be something like pItlhu'nISmoHchugh qoj pItojnISchugh wISuq If we need to tempt you and/or if we need to deceive you, we (will) obtain it.


All very true, but what intrigued me was trying to convey the concept of a hook. Later I realized that crook might actually be a different type of hook, and I wouldn't know where to start on that one.


Then I suppose naQ wanHa' or naQ SIHlu'pu'bogh bent stick would do. Maybe substitute baS SIrgh wire for naQ stick* if it's a hook made from wire.

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