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XP oddly accumilated

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I just wanted to extend my streak but got carried away (with Basics 1 and 18 XP). I also wanted to finally finish the bonus "flirting" skill (sadly just 10 XP).

So, 18 + 10 = 28.

Leaderboard: 10 XP, Charts: 28 XP.

Is this discrepancy a bug or a feature:


April 28, 2014



I'm thinking the DL leaderboad 'reset' between your doing both your skills.
The chart is locally based off your computer time while the leaderboard is global.

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So, globally, I did 10 XP, locally 28 XP?

EDIT: Now I get what you meant. Yet, it does not make sense since this never happened before.


The weekly leader board resets at the same time for everyone (although I'm not sure exactly when that is) on Sunday. Your 18 points went towards last weeks 'weekly leader board' and your 10 points went towards this new weeks, weekly leader board.
The graph you see is completely based on your computers local time. So, even though you gained 28 points today, 18 counted for last week and 10 counted for this week.

Edit: I usually practice right around the 'reset', so it has happened to me a lot :)

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Thus, I can't rely on the charts. Good to know...


This is true. Many people lose their streak that way.
The streak is based off an entirely different thing, the time zone you were in when you first signed up for DL, which syncs globally. I can definitely see how people can think they are doing everything right, and end up losing their steak.

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Oh, no I take care of the streak every day. I see that people lost their streaks (big shiver here!). Thanks wazzie...

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