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"ghopDu'lIj lam DaSay'moHpa', bISop 'e' vItuch."

Translation:Before you wash your dirty hands, I forbid you to eat.

June 21, 2018



I'm going to argue that the only sensible interpretation of this sentence is [ghopDI'lIj lam DaSay'moHpa' bISop] 'e' vItuch I forbid you to [eat before you wash your dirty hands.] The given English sentence means only that you do the forbidding to eat before the hands are washed, not after the hands are washed. You might want to update your English sentence to reflect this (e.g., I forbid you to eat before you wash your dirty hands).


Thanks! So changed.


You are killing me. I am sure I will perish of curiosity if you do not tell me what the English sentence used to say.


Maybe something like," I forbid you to eat until after your dirty hands are washed."


It did not accept "I forbid you to eat before you wash your dirty hands" for me.


Right. You have unnecessarily changed the order of the clauses. Please keep the clauses in the same order unless grammar requires you to switch them. Given that the English sentence seems a little confusing when kept in the same order, perhaps this sentence should just be replaced.

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