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Jump to Level "X" - Love it!

Maybe this has been around for a while, but I just experienced the ability to jump up a level by testing out. I know there are sectional tests, but the test out feature on a subject/topic is new to me.

I clicked on the subject to do lesson 4 of 12 and a key icon came up that allowed me to test out and jump the level. I tested with no mistakes and got 90 XP and a step up to level 4.

June 21, 2018



Maybe this has been around for a while

Nope, it's new: it's under A/B test (only since a couple of hours, AFAIK).


I just got it and I'm so excited!


Yes, I just saw this on my Spanish tree! Seems like a great compromise for people who get bored of repetition and people like me who benefit from the repetition. Choices are a good thing, and maybe now more folks will be more willing to embrace the crown system.


I just noticed it, too! I'm happy, because now it feels like I can aim for a complete, golden German tree again, since I can test out of the boring beginner lessons instead of having to repeat them 30 times each.


It's gone from mine now, too. :( This was one of the most exciting features I've ever tested, and it feels so disappointing having it taken away. :( I really hope they bring it back.


I got this feature yesterday, too, and I love it so much.

Plus, FYI for people who haven't gotten it yet, when you test out of a skill (at least on my version of the A/B test) it awards a lot of XP. I tested from Crown Level 4 to Crown Level 5 in the Food skill on my Esperanto tree, which would've taken 40 lessons normally, and after passing the test it awarded me 400 XP. So if anyone you're following all of a sudden earns a lot more XP than they had been before, this could be why.


Yeah, jumping from level 4 to 5 in two different lessons awarded me 150 and 250 xp!


The huge amount of XP is the only thing i don't love about this update. It feels like cheating, I do not deserve that amount of XP. I just levelled up a skill from level 2 to level 5 (three tests that were very similar to each other) and got 420 XP in a few minutes. About half would have been enough, I could always get more XP by practising the skill later. :)


See, I don't mind that exp. If you did 3 levels that quickly, it was obviously too easy for you! Why spend all that time doing 42 levels of something you are obviously really good at? It means you go on to do something better suited for your needs.


I've got the same feeling about this. Levelling up is totally nice thing (after introducing the crowns I am struggling with almost-endless repetition of all the stuff I've learned already), but it shouldn't be XPed so much!


Yes, it's very good addition. I thought the previous leveling system was good but it would become VERY boring after first 2 levels.

This new system solves this problem because you can see your real skills if you want to level up and it also gives you TONS of XP!


Thank you Thomas. I appreciate the additional information.


I got it today too! I tested out of a number of my beginner skills but it seems to not let me anymore. Maybe you can only do so many in a day? Hoping so, cause I hate how repetitive those can be when I KNOW the words.


Happened to me too :( it disappeared now


There were a few bugs so they took it away to fix it. It should be back now, as I have it again...


Dies... brauche... ich! (Ich habe es jetzt noch nicht.)


The old system had been much more logical. I mean before the crown system comes. There was a "fluency" index that was not a real fluency but it was depending on how deep have you been in the tree and since the tree finished you could get a trophy for this but you should keep practicing in order to keep your tree all gold. So you had two or more options. Either use the practice button for questions from a level or general question that could make your tree gold again or repeat the lessons. What was more logical? That fluency cannot be sustained if you don't practice. And your tree was getting colorful again. Now you get a crown for life! It is insane! You cannot! Fluency is a bird and is flying away if you are not motivated enough to keep it. So you have to practice! There was also the option to test yourself out since you feel bored. It is something missing I the crown system. Hopefully they brought it back in the web version. But not in the mobile one. So the clubs point system really collapsed!


I loved it too, but now they have taken away that option again. Hopefully it will come back. Maybe people were advancing too quickly and getting too many points! Maybe it was overloading the system?


Thank god they finally got this feature up on the new version. I just want to Happy Dance!


It's great! I'd lost some interest after the crowns came in. This has renewed my interest and I'm now getting golden again!


I don't have this option yet :(


I like it, but I am worried that I will use it to "skip" levels, anyone else? I quite like that I can do level 1 in 3-4 turns. level 2 doesn't take long either. level 3 is always ok. I feel like, maybe, not doing 10 turns to get level 4 then 15-20 to get level 5 might mean I don't practice enough, is that the case? OR further down do the levels use all the same thing from the levels above? If that is the case, then it doesn't matter.

(and before anyone reminds me, yes I know, I don't have to jump to level X. blah blah. I was just curious if anyone thinks skipping will have a bad effect on memorising terms.)


This is a good point.

In the early exercises at level 1 and 2 many use a word bank, so it's hard to get anything wrong. I think of these exercises more as flashcards. Skipping the repetition would definitely hurt if you weren't really ready. If you move all the way to level 5 you have to type the answer without the word bank and with fewer options for clues. Your chance to review those topics with easy flashcards will be over.

I generally do the test-outs really fast. I think if I can pass in this way, the mistakes are mostly just typos or sentences where Duo has an error. I do find that I can not quickly test out on material that I am not strong in. The hardest material I couldn't pass regardless.


That's quite the feature here!

I pretty much lost interest in my French course - even though I'd sure like to get everything golden, I didn't want to go through overly repetitive lessons to get to the next level. In the French from German course for instance, there's a whole bunch with 50 lessons to get from L4 to 5. I actually did it in one chapter - it probably was my most boring experience here on Duolingo.

I've just tested the Jump to Level feature in my Dutch course, but I can't wait to try this out there, too, so thanks bunches for sharing! :-)

In most of all cases, I use my (Android) tablet with Duolingo. As it seems, this new feature is presently available only on the website (as are the lesson tips and notes). Let's hope they provide both via mobile too!


Is this ever coming to the app?


is it okey that i'm being given 20 points from doing a 5 level test?


You get 10 points per session. I would assume you had two lessons remaining in level 5


It would be good if it was so. But there were 12


I experienced this too. I was given 20 points for twice skipping levels. One was 47 lessons, and the other 37 I think. Probably just new politics but I feel let down. Bugger!


This thread explains the whole desaster.


Haven't noticed that yet.


I had it this morning and was so happy! But this afternoon this function disappeared! :( Do you all still have access to "test out"?


See vinrute's comment posted few minutes after yours.


nope, it vanished this evening. That was a very short A/B Test. Maybe we tested it too much and broke it ;-)

Hope it will be back soon


what is this famous level "X" is this the lvl 25 ? So congratulations guy !!!


when you click on a skill, it has a key symbol. IF you are level 1, and complete the key level, you jump up to level 2 in that skill. This works up to skill 5.


I hate to break it to you, I only had it for a day, which was yesterday, now this feature is all gone. I thought it was too good to be true, looks like i was right.


I have it now! Love it!


The feature left but it's back up now.


Fabelhaft! No more "Brot und Wasser" ringing eternally in my ears. Vielen Dank, Duo!


Is it just me or this key icon feature does not seem to appear in the portuguese course for english people ?


It seems to be you:

Do you mean that you do have it for your other 2+ courses but not for Portuguese (from English)?


That's right. I have two logins in duoLingo, one as mn3mGAVE (Portuguese from English) and the other as PaulouF (Portuguese from French + English from French). The PaulouF login has the "key icon" feature for both of its couses. The mn3mGAVE login doesn't have it. Is there a way to get it on mn3mGAVE login ?


I have two logins in duoLingo, one as mn3mGAVE (Portuguese from English) and the other as PaulouF (Portuguese from French + English from French). The PaulouF login has the "key icon" feature for both of its couses.

Hence PaulouF is in the A/B test's group that has the feature and your other account in the A/B test's control group: the one that doesn't have it in order to compare users having it with users not having it.

Is there a way to get it on mn3mGAVE login ?

No. Well, except to wait until the A/B test deciding if everyone or no-one (anymore) will have this feature ends.

I'm curious: why two accounts? Why not one with all your 3 courses?


Thanks for this A/B precision. I am interested in working my portuguese from both english and french viewpoint. It's quite a trial and I feel like practicing portuguese more deeply.


Yes, but you know you can practice all those courses with only one unique account? That you don't need to have one account for courses from French and another one for courses from English?


OK, it's good to know, then, for any next language I might choose.


My partner has it. I don't. It is not on Chrome or Safari on my Macbook. I hope the playing field gets levelled soon. :D


See the top comment: like any new feature, Duo A/B tests it to decide if the feature will become definitive or not. Hence, during the test, only part of the users have it. So it's absolutely normal that you may not have it while someone you know do.


I got it yesterday! I was slowly getting everything up to level 3 before and gained about 5000 XP testing out to level 5 in a bunch of lessons!


I sooooo want that feature. Has anyone found a workaround to put themselves in the test group if they aren't there already?

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