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Moving to Germany for a year.

I will be moving to Germany for one year on a cultural exchange through the rotary youth exchange program. What are some things that I will need to know about Germany, and what are the do's and do not's?

June 21, 2018



You will have a great time, enjoy yourself and learn a lot. Be open to all this. The Rotary program is great!

Are you American? If so, be prepared that many Germany have strong feelings against your current president. They might want to know what you think about climate change, gun control, the border situation, free trade, the UN, the war in Syria etc. If you are into politics you might enjoy the discussions. If not, don't be put off. Germans are known to be direct in their opinions but that is (usually) not meant to be offensive but as an invitation to exchange ideas.

Germany is a diverse country and it might be a good idea to read a bit before-hand about the region you will be staying in, its history and local traditions.

Have fun!


The people in Germany are generally pretty cool with foreigners. I have a close friend currently on an exchange program in Germany, and, although he is much more fluent in German and other languages than I am (able to communicate easily in complex subjects), he told me that practically everyone there speaks English, so if you don't understand something someone says, don't be afraid to ask for it again in English. Just put yourself out there and don't be shy. Germans are excited to see American culture as well!


most of family's are strict about table manners in Germany I can say that most will know of if you are properly good most are strict when something is wrong its ok for first time any way have fun in Germany!!!


Good for you! I also plan on moving to Germany some time in the future.


That's so exciting! My advice is to really nail down important travel phrases (Where is the bathroom? How much is this? Excuse me etc.).


I've heard Germans are generally great at English too....though when I lived there for a year, not one person could or would speak to me in English. I had to get by in German which I spoke fairly well, luckily. I lived in Hamburg, so I was surprised! o_O I guess in the end, it depends where you go and who you talk to. ;-) Good luck!


i live in germany now and it is great and the sites are wonderful. Just be sure you know at least one german sentence in the beginning and that is. Ich sprechen kein deutsch. that means i dont speak german.


Ich spreche kein Deutsch or Ich kann kein Deutsch sprechen.

You forgot to congugate sprechen.


Urgh. I'm sorry for making this an unrelated comment chain, but just for curiosity's sake because I'm learning German, would "Ich spreche Deutsch nicht" mean the same thing?


Duolingo doesn't distinguish this at all but "nicht" is more like saying "not." As in "I do not speak German." While kein is no as in "I speak no German." Kein is more inclusive.


Good for you, enjoy Germany!

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