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"Who are these two pretty women?"

Translation:Wer sind diese beiden schönen Frauen?

March 26, 2013



Why is hübschen not accepted?


I tried "Wer sind diese zwei hübsche Frauen?" and the suggested answer included "schönen," so my guess is that they still won't accept that adjective. Weird, because it's a valid translation of "pretty." If it still rejects "hübschen" when it comes around again, I'll report it.


Wer sind diese beiden hübschen Frauen?


"Wer sind diese zwei hübsche Frauen?" was accepted as correct. :) 5/22/19.


Could you use zwei instead of beiden?


Yes. I did successfully.


I am confused. According to Wikipedia a number greater than one (which 2 is) triggers the strong inflection and therefore it should be "diese zwei schöne Frauen". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_adjectives

What is it that I am missing here?


The determiner "diese" :) Your reasoning would be right if the "diese" weren't there: "Zwei schöne Frauen trinken Bier".


With "determiner ", are you referring to a linguistic function? I mean, what is changing in this situation as opposed to using "zwei"? And, what would be the scenario with "beiden"?

Vielen dank für die Hilfe!


"Determiner" refers to words that are used like articles. The declension of German adjectives depends on whether (and which) determiners are present.

"Beide" is a special case because it shows varying inflection. Without a determiner it normally shows weak inflection, except for the genitive.

See here for the details: http://is.gd/nJ82QZ

BTW, the situation changes again in an apposition like "wir beide": http://is.gd/D8XT2j

Declension of German adjectives is an abyss. You never reach the bottom…


Whenever I'm afraid of german adjectives, I just look at the different verbal forms and feel instant relief! :D

Also: this looks attractive http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/adjektivendungenexpl.html

I am comparing it with the articles at canoonet and other places to see how they work, but it promises to turn the whole adjective issue into a simple one.


One of the choices I had was "Wer sind diese beiden einfachen Frauen?" Does that have the same meaning in German as in English? :P

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I was wondering that as well ;-)


when " dieser or Diese or Dieser " precedes the Adj. which inflection is that , weak or mixed ?


Weak. See here for an overview: http://is.gd/hsHIpe


Why is it schönen and not schöne


Oh no, once again I lost my temper because of this nonsense!

Could we have English and German speaking people creating the German-English course, PLEASE? I am so upset and angry at those kids pretending to know everything better!

  • two = zwei

  • both = beide

  • beautiful = schön

  • pretty, cute, nice = hübsch

Everytime I say to myself I won't get angry because of this, but I just can't let them teaching such nonsense, my sense of "perfectionism" is bigger. I work on it, but it's just too childish for me.

"Who are these two pretty women?" → Wer sind diese zwei hübsche Frauen?

Wer sind diese beiden schönen Frauen? → Who are both of these beautiful women?

PLEASE BE PRECISE (without being overprecise of course)!!!

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