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Using Duolingo to test for high school credit?

Well I'm on the insanity route right now. Last year, I took German 1 at my high school and due to unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer taking German at my school for the rest of my years in high school. Two years of foreign language are required, but I've heard from many that 3 are recommended. I've heard that there was someone in my school in my same circumstance who took German 1 their first year then completed their Duolingo tree in the summer and was able to test into German 4 the following year. I'm attempting to test out of German 2 and 3 as well. Thoughts on this? Are there any other options to learn German quickly?

June 22, 2018



I also don't recommend testing out and then going back into class. Either get your 2 or 3 years done with testing or start back on year 2


Yeah, I already have a testing program within my school but thanks! Also, yeah, I'm testing out of years 2 and 3 and likely not returning to year 4.


The question you have to ask your self is I scored an ___ on this and found German "good"? I was in the same situation MANY years ago. I always had a reason to back out. These being: girls, not having enough time, too much memorization, and the moon is not full. I am now 61 years and have regetted not trying harder. I started learning German in high school, then a two year college, and then a 4 year college and never finished. At 61 I am now pissed off at my self to Learn German and learning German has been WONDERFUL. The German people in the U.S. seem to take you under there arm and look out for you and keep you on track. But they have to know you are out there somewhere. What I am saying, if you can stick to it (German) geeze do it. I have been to Germany 5 times now, The "RUSH" of knowing another language is no other. To answer your question: German is like learning the Guitar you have to use it and every day. That is the best way to learn faster. Are you in an area that has German Families, churches, restaurants, radio stations, date a girl/guy that knows German and speak it, form a group of people who speak German and get together and drink some beer. It takes work to find these places,you might have to drive there, but well worth it. It might provide you with a job in the future. Having the mind set "I am going to do this "period"" helps.


Thanks for this detailed reply! It's really refreshing to find an adult who takes the time to council an inexperienced teenager haha. This is really motivating, as hard as the uphill climb is, right now. I'd love to find a Germany community when I leave the nest and go to college to keep myself on track. And as someone who grew up in a bilingual community (unfortunately I only speak English fluently), I have always wanted to understand that happiness that only comes from communicating in a person's mother tongue to them, no matter how many mishaps. As a musician since I can remember, I know the massive climb, but it sure was worth it. I'm in a large city, but I haven't yet gone looking for a German community particularly. I know several others in my school who take German, but no natives. My boyfriend is a few levels above me in German, but, honestly, I'm taking German because I love the language, not really for anyone else. I dropped myself an impossible task that I set out to do, so I suppose I gotta do it hah. Sorry for the long reply and thanks again for taking the time to help me!


This is really something to ask officials at your school. No one here knows its particular policies on things like this.


Yeah, I know. Thanks for the advice, though! I'm simply looking for a way to learn German quickly and if anyone else has done something similar before.


Try Duolingo. It works


It sure does!

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