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A couple of tips on using Duolingo

I keep open a tab at Quizlet.com in order to add new vocabulary. Whenever I encounter a new word in German I simply add it to a vocabulary set at Quizlet. I make sure to include the article, and I put other important definitions in parentheses. Each set includes about 50 words. Then I use the Learn Mode at Quizlet to help me learn the vocabulary. For verbs I always add the infinitive, 3rd person present if nonstandard, simple past and present perfect. The act of looking up articles and other definitions, and writing this in Quizlet seems to help stick the information in my head.

When a new screen comes up I only listen. I do not look at the written German. Based on listening only, I select my answer. Then I look at the written German to see if I got it right.

Some screens only want a written answer. I listen one time and write my answer. Then I listen again to see if I got it right. If I am really struggling then this won't work.

Hope this helps.

June 22, 2018



Thank you. Seems like a great approach that I will try.


good idea I will try it


Thanks! I really like your idea of only listening and trying to formulate an answer before you see the written German.


What a great idea! I've never heard of Quizlet but will be looking into for me and my son. Thanks for sharing.


Why Quizlet, why not AnkiSRS?


Did you know that you can probably import Quizlet vocabulary into FlashCard Deluxe, if I remember correctly.


How can you import it to Flashcard Deluxe pls?


No particular reason. It's free, and I've been using it for a long time. I'm guessing there are several systems that could work just as well.


Is it possible you can share your quiz?


My Quizlet ID is MattW4. I'm working on German and Spanish. You can copy my stuff into your ID and modify it as you like. I think everything I have in Quizlet is public. I copy stuff from other people on Quizlet from time to time.

Go here: https://quizlet.com/MattW4


Awesome, thank you


Thanks! Great site suggestion too

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