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  5. "Jak krátké je vaše auto?"

"Jak krátké je vaše auto?"

Translation:How short is your car?

June 22, 2018



This may be silly, but I can't imagine a situation where this sentence might be used. In general, if I wanted to know the height or the length of someone's car, I'd ask how tall or how long the car is, rather than how short it is. Does "krátký" have meanings other than "short"? Or should I stop trying to figure it out and just accept this sentence as a Learning Experience? :-)


Yes, just accept it. In Czech asking jak dlouhé instead of krátké would also be more natural even when you want to squeeze it somewhere.


I own a small car, in the compact utility vehicle class. A Ford EcoSport. Shorter than some models of the Fiesta. Perhaps you might see it parked next to a larger vehicle and say "How short is your car?"

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