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  5. "Pracuje ve vládě."

"Pracuje ve vládě."

Translation:She works in the government.

June 22, 2018



When you say "pracuje ve vládě", the gender of the subject is not defined by the form of the verb. The form is common for male and female. Therefore, the right answer should be He works in the government AND She works for the government


It you used "he" and it was not accepted, you can use the Report button for My Answer Should Be Accepted.


I wrote "She works in government" and it was marked wrong. Since the Czech phrase does not use the definite article for "She works in the government", how would you say my first sentence in Czech?


I'm native AmE, and if we want to say that someone has a government job, both "S/he works in government" and "S/he works for the government" also sound quite normal to me. The latter actually sounds most familiar, but I'm from the DC area, so that may be why. In any case, if the Czech members of the team feel that either or both would be acceptable here, I will add it/hem.


If it is correct, you can add it.

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