"Co bys dělala, kdybych nebyl?"

Translation:What would you do if I did not exist?

June 22, 2018

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would it be better if the translation was " what would you do if i weren't here?"


No, that is "Co bys dělala, kdybych TADY nebyl?" You are specifying being here, not just the existence. Of course it can still mean the existence, at least in Czech, but it is slightly different.


Actually, colloquially in English, "....if I were not here" can mean "If I did not exist." it is the sort of thing grandparents say to their children or grandchildren to remind them that they (the grandparents) may not be around that much longer!


That works in Czech the same way too.


Why not accept it then?


Because it is quite a specific idiom and people could be mistaken by taking it literally and still getting accepted.


"what would you do, if i wouldn't exist?" "i did not exist." sounds strange and weird. Thx


what would you do if I wasn't ? Seems to say ' if I did not exist'


Can you also use this to mean "what would you do if i wasn't," not about my existence, but about a state that was just under discussion? For example---

Person 1: "I don't need to worry about that because you've been giving me money every month." Person 2: "What would you do if i wasn't?"

Could the sentence in this exercise still apply to this situation?


My 'What would you do if I were not there?' is also rejected. I have read earlier discussions and do not understand why... 'Here' or 'There' has no specific local significance in this sentence, it is just part of an idiomatic expression.

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