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Basic Czech phrases for tourism?


I have almost 20 days (less than one hour per day) to learn some basic phrases in Czech which need to be useful for tourism. Do you know any good source where I can learn them?

I've been doing some lessons on Duo, but does it worth the time? I don't know if the sentences on the lessons will help me :/

Thanks in advance (and sorry about my English, feel free to correct me :D )

June 22, 2018



i'd say just watching a few videos is probably a better use of your limited time than duo lessons. try her, she takes it reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy slow. (and then repeats it even slower about 20 times.)


Thankks!!!! It will help me a lot xD


You should try to find some deck on Tinycards or Memrise.

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