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  5. "Los instrumentos"

"Los instrumentos"

Translation:The instruments

April 28, 2014



What kind of instruments could it be?

I've found:

  • un instrumento musical;

  • un instrumento de medición o un instrumento científico;

  • una máquina o herramienta;

  • un documento;

  • los instrumentos de vuelo de una aeronave;

  • un instrumento utilizado en cirugía o en cualquier otra área de la medicina.

My question is: what is a "documento" as un "instrumento"?


As Mavry says, same as in English. A legal document can be called an instrument.


In the English speaking world we also have "financial instruments", which is a blanket term for everything from the most vanilla equity shares to the most obscure swaps and derivatives.

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