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What is this German educational TV show name?

Hi! I've been trying to find out which TV show is this but I had no success in my search so far. I suppose it German because they always talk about German facts as a base of comparison in the show. They talk about many science topics in the TV show :) could someone help me out? Thanks <3





June 23, 2018



I am not quite sure, but since one of the guys (the one in the white coat on pic three) is Vince Ebert, I think it is "Wissen vor Acht", a daily show they have at about ten to eight in the evening just before the news in ARD German public TV.


That's exactly the show I was looking for :D thank u so much for helping me out <3 wish you a great day :D


There is also a cute children's program called "1, 2 oder 3" which features science and cultural knowledge for small children. It is a great beginner's tool for learning German, because you learn the cultural basics that they hope to imbue their citizens with.

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