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  5. "nupIlmoH'a' bomwIj?"

"nupIlmoH'a' bomwIj?"

Translation:Do my songs inspire us?

June 23, 2018



Why must songs be in the plural here?


It doesn't have to be; the singular "Does my song inspire us?" is also accepted.

But it can be -- nu- is ambiguous between "it–us" and "they–us", and bom is ambiguous between "song" and "songs" (since plural suffixes are optional).


You say they are optional, but this is the first sentence I think I have seen in which an ambiguous sentence was interpreted (by the word bank) as plural. The plural suffixes are far more common in Klingon, or at least in the Duolingo course, than plurals are in Turkish or even Hungarian, for instance.



But occasionally, there are some sentences on this course where the "default" translation is plural, to keep learners aware of this being optional.

Word-bank tapping exercises are automatically generated from the "default" answer, as far as I know.


I hadn't realized they were so random. I definitely like the answer less obvious to an English speaker being put to the fore. Honestly, I wish the program did it a bit more.

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