Speed reviews should show the final question in the results

When I speed review, often I run out of time when I've already typed nearly the whole phrase on the final question before I time out.

After that happens, there is no way to see what the correct answer was, the post-lesson "check answers" screen doesn't show the final question because you never answered it. But that means I can't see what the correct answer was or whether I was right. It's pretty frustrating sometimes when you're very close to answering and you can't even tell if you were correct.

June 23, 2018

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I definitely agree with you.
Why is an user being forced to hit the "Continue" button lastly? Very annoying!

Quite often I am 90-95% (just made a typo) correct or even 100% but just run out of time to click this button.

Programmers life could be so easy:

if (timer.hasTimedOut() && textField.isNotEmpty()) { additionalCheckAndRateLastGivenAnswer(); } else { checkAndRateAllPreviousSubmittedAnswers(); }

June 23, 2018
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