"Proč zívá tak hlasitě?"

Translation:Why does she yawn so loud?

June 23, 2018

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"Why does she yawn so loudly" is correct. You need the adverb here, not the adjective.


My take on this would be that while "loudly" is absolutely correct, the use of "loud" instead is now so common that it's become what I'd call "acceptably correct" as English continues to evolve. I think you'd almost always hear "loud" rather than "loudly," at least in the US.


Still bigger problem than the adverb is that the program only accepts "why does SHE", not "why does HE" (already reported it thrice this evening ;)))))


Something's wrong with the system :(

"he" is accepted, of course, both with "loud" and "loudly".

And there isn't a single report from today :(

I just tried practising the skill myself and when I entered "Why does he yawn so loudly?", it was accepted. But when I tried sending a report, nothing appeared.

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