Zu vs In

Hello, hoping you all can help with these two prepositions.

I understand that 'zu' is always dative and 'in' can be dative, or accusative depending if the situation is static or dynamic (movement or no movement)

z.B 1. Ich laufe zum park. (I walk to the park) 2. Ich laufe in den park (I walk into the park) 3. Ich laufe im park. (I am walking around in the park.)

Is the 3rd sentence correct? I'm really confused how to say I'm walking in the park (not into the park). As in I'm already at the park. I walked to the park from home, I walked through the entrance gate of the park, now I am in the park walking around.

Thanks in advance

June 23, 2018


yes, the sentence is correct. If you are already in the park and walk there, it has to be "ich laufe im Park (herum)".

lol I should of read further. You beat me.

Klar! Danke für deine Antwort!

Off topic: "laufen" is slightly ambigious, it might mean "to walk", but usually it is "to run". In a sentence like "Ich laufe im Park" I would assume you are jogging.

If you want to make clear that you are walking, you are better of with "Ich gehe im Park." If it is a leisure stroll, it would be "Ich gehe im Park spazieren."

In a sentence "Ich laufe durch die Stadt.", "laufen" works as "to walk", but is a bit more hurried (and more colloquial) than "Ich gehe durch die Stadt"

gehen is more ambiguous than laufen... not that you are wrong per say. But in most given context, anyone can figure out what you mean. You can also say zu Fuß gehen if you want to be sure to imply you are walking to a place. But in this given example, herumlaufen I feel fits best for walkabout in the park.
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laufen can mean "run, walk, work, go, go on, be in progress, operate, function, leak, weep, ride, fare, melt, rush, race, drip, travel." So it is context, context, context. ;-)

Danke alle! Ich finde den Unterschied zwischen "gehen" und "laufen" ein bisschen kompliziert. Jetzt lebe ich in Berlin und lerne Deutsch seit nur 7 Wochen. Danke für eure Zeit!

Ich laufe im Park (herum) - ist richtig. Optional herum there for flavor.
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Always good to spice up the language.

I know your question was already answered, but if you ever have any more, there's a community of linguists around the world on a site called HiNative where you basically ask questions to natives and answer questions about your own language.
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Is this an app for phones only? Danke im Voraus.

I use the website on my computer. It should work anywhere because it's a globally made program.
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Thanks, it looked to me that it was for phone apps; I have been known to be wrong which is why I asked. Does it work like these discussions work, you put in a question and someone answers it?

The database is very similar to duolingo's discussion, yes. However, the site is made for questions to be answered quickly in that instead of a discussion setting, older questions become outdated and can only be accessed by looking in one's own profile. You might just look it up to check it out for yourself. It's free to make an account and to ask questions.
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Danke, ich werde es ausprobieren.

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