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Have you been to China? 你去过中国吗?

Hi everyone! I'm curious to know if any one of you has been to China before? If so, which part of China? I would love to hear your experiences!

嗨,大家好! 我很想知道你们是否去过中国吗?如果是的话,中国的哪个地区?我很想听听你的经历!

June 23, 2018



不是,我没去过中国因为我没有很多的钱。如果我有钱和时间,我应该去那里! 现在我学在学校,所以我不可以做很多的等。请说我如果我说了差中文,我正在学习这个非常漂亮的语。谢谢你!


I am sure you will have the time and money to visit China in the future, especially after completing your studies! Your Chinese is very good, and yes, it is a really beautiful language indeed. Thank you for commenting, Ethan! :)

我相信你一定会有时间和钱访问中国,尤其是在完成学业后!你的中文很好。是的,这确实是一种非常美丽的语言。感谢您评论,Ethan! :)


今年我去了中国因为我的姐姐是中国人。我们在北京上海和苏州玩了几天。 I absolutely enjoyed it. If possible, I would love to visit China again.

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