How to say 'Happy 15th Birthday' in Dutch?

I know that Happy Birthday is 'Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag', but if I wanted to say 'Happy 15th Birthday' (or whatever number), how would I say it?

6/23/2018, 2:00:03 PM

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Gefeliciteerd met je vijftiende (15de) verjaardag!

6/23/2018, 2:03:49 PM

Just some extra info, as far as the short-hand notation is concerned. Instead of 15de you can also write 15e which is easier.

  • So: 1ste, 2de, 3de, ... 8ste (extension depends on the number)
  • Or: 1e, 2e, 3e, ... 8e (always the same extension)

Both are valid (source). However, to pronounce it correctly you still need to know the full word.

6/23/2018, 2:44:24 PM


6/23/2018, 2:09:28 PM

a good possiblity is: "Gefeliciteerd met je vijftiende verjaardag". That is what I would say

6/23/2018, 9:27:38 PM

I see it's already is in the replies :-)

6/23/2018, 9:28:12 PM
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