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Den vs. Dem vs. Der vs. Die vs. Das

I need some help figuring out the differences between all of these words. I already know the following:

Der - Masculine
Die - Feminine
Das - Neuter

That is all I know. I would like to know which sentences each go in, and what genders that Den and Dem are.


June 23, 2018



The articles you have listed above are in their nominative form.

I find this table helpful:

Note: I think the usual order in which they're listed is:

1 Nominative

2 Genitive

3 Dative

4 Accusative


The grammatical cases go very, very roughly as follows:

1) Nominative is used for the subject and for what is equated with the subject using the verb being (sein).

Der Mann ist der Lehrer.

The man is the teacher.

2) Genitive states that something belongs to something else:

Das Auto der Frau

The woman's car

3) Dative expresses the act of giving to someone something.

Der Mann gibt dem Hund den Apfel
The man gives to the dog (dat.) the apple (acc. see last)

The dog is dative since he recieves the apple.

It is also used for when something stays in some place. answers the question "Wo?" "Where?":

Ich bin in dem Park

I am at the park

(note: Park is masculine)

(note: 'in dem' can be shortened to 'im')

4) Accusative is the case used to mark the direct object of an action, like apple in the phrase above:

Der Mann gibt dem Hund den Apfel
The man gives to the dog (dat.) the apple (acc.)

The apple is in accusative since it is the direct object.

accusative is also used for when something moves into some place.

answers the question "Wohin?" "Where to?":

Ich gehe in den Park

I go to the park

Final note: Different verbs, prepositions and complements can require diffrent cases, you can check those out online or on a German dictionary.

Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these.


Den is the masculine in the accusative case and the plural in the dative case. Dem is the masculine/neuter in the dative case.

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