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  5. "SuSDeq 'oH may'ron'e'."

"SuSDeq 'oH may'ron'e'."

Translation:An accordion is a windbag instrument.

June 23, 2018



Does the Klingon accordion involve a flexible bladder? For that matter, does the Terran one?


A third category of Klingon instrument is the SuSDeq, the “windbag” or “bellows” type. A SuSDeq has a flexible bag, usually made of animal skin, which is alternately filled with and emptied of air. This air passes over strips of various materials (joQmey), which vibrate as the air goes by, producing the musical tones. For one form of SusDeq, the may’ron, the player stretches the bag out to fill it with air and squeezes it together to empty it while directing the flow of air by pressing buttons mounted on boards on either end of the bag, much like an accordion. To finger the may’ron—that is, to push the buttons—is to Heng, the same word applied to the meSchuS. To alternately squeeze and stretch out the bag part of the may’ron is to rey. Another type of SuSDeq, the DIron, resembles and is played much like bagpipes. The verb that means “squeeze the bag part of the DIron,” usually with the elbow, is qeb.

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Now I just have to find a Terran who knows something about accordions.


What are your plans?

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