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  5. "qet tlhIngan."

"qet tlhIngan."

Translation:The Klingon ran.

June 23, 2018



And lost their honor


I wrote 'Klingon ran' since I was a bit confused at first about the sentence (using the keyboard option). it corrected me to 'Klingons ran.' I see, that this is a absolutely correct trarnslation, since 'qet' means he/she/it/they ran - but then again, singular should also be correct, and not marked as a typo, or did I misinterpret that?


Singular is accepted, but unless it is a proper name, you need to use an article in the English. It would have accepted "The Klingon ran," or, "A Klingon ran," but it won't accept "Klingon ran."

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