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  5. "Ela coloca o gato no berço."

"Ela coloca o gato no berço."

Translation:She puts the cat in the crib.

June 23, 2018



What is wrong with "she puts the cat into the crib"?


Nothing - report it.


Reporting is ok, but it seldom helps. You can see sentences with mistakes here that were reported years ago - and nothing is done about it. That is frustrating.


I've gotten several notices that issues I've reported have been corrected.


crib = cot. The usual word in the uk is cot: carry cot, high-sided cot. Crib is less common except when it is used in the nativity scene for Jesus at Christmas.


In US English, "crib" is often used to refer to one's living space" similar to "pad" as in "a bachelor pad". That said, I'mma throw a party at my crib this weekend & it's gonna be dope.


I too ask, 'What is wrong with "she puts the cat into the crib?" '


Nothing is wrong with that. The problem is, if you insist in writing "into", you are told every time that you are wrong, and you either have to bear with this and repeat without end, or you give in and write "in", which leaves you with an annoying feeling.


As I remember it, Harry Chapin had the "Cat's in the Cradle" back in the 1970s, so I guess "cradle" is acceptable.

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