June 23, 2018



If chung can't be used intransitively (as explained by David in this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27736236), I have to wonder if this sentence is grammatical. Should it not be yIchung ("Accelerate it!") or tIchung ("Accelerate them")


Yes, it probably should.


Mind you, we don't know for sure that it can't be used both ways. There are some Klingon verbs that do that.


Can we ask Marc Okrand at the upcoming qep'a', or is that a faux-pas?


It is fine to casually ask him a question or two, but it is inappropriate to inundate him with questions or pull out a long list of questions or do it in a way that demands a response. Also, frequently he will be unable to answer and would have to refer back to Maltz (i.e. his notes). In particular, he seldom remembers whether he has used a word transitively or internationally and often will answer that Klingon grammarians don't really recognize that distinction even though it is clear that some words can take an object and some words can't.

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