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Language proficiency measured in hours of study

As it can often take multiple attempts to complete one segment of a lesson (at least in my case), I wonder if there could be another way of measuring how much studying one has completed.

The obvious approach would be to have some sort of measure of time. I've been told by others in language studies that often by the 500 hour mark one can have a pretty good handle on most languages (though this is generally only for Western natives learning Western languages, or Eastern natives learning Eastern languages.)

I know this would not be backwards compatible to current accounts (unless this information has already been logged in each user's data set), but it might be another means of encouraging additional study, and incentivizing the use of the website. The timer could be set to roll only when a lesson has started and could pause if there is a lack of user input after 30 seconds or so.

Users could receive motivating notifications when they've reached 50 hours, 100 hours, etc. or have milestones visible on their homepage to spur on the user's study.

Believe me, the point system is fantastic as it is, I just wanted to put this out there.

I'm interested to know what the community here thinks of this idea.

Thanks for your time!

-Dereck Gignac

July 6, 2012



I think this is a cool idea. For me personally the points match up pretty closely with the time I'm spending though.

[deactivated user]

    +1 I've sent a feedback too about being able to keep track of studied time, it'd be a good metric to have.


    That would be cool, I know it would motivate me to reach those milestones; which could be badges you earned, by the way, speaking of another good idea some other user mentioned.


    Was anything ever done to record hours of study? I would like to know how many hours my students spend studying each day.


    I think that's a great idea!


    Love the idea


    I think there are more ways to add to the gamification elements of this tool, the question is really what the the guys at Duo working on, if it something along speaking rather than writing then I would prefer they work on that rather than more score cards


    I was surprised that this was not included when I started wit Duolingo. It would be a great add-on, in my views better than the coins/fires etc. that currently are currently used for measuring performance.


    I was wondering this too.

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