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"Meet me in the Great Hall on Kronos!"

Translation:Qo'noSDaq vaS'a'Daq HIghom!

June 23, 2018



I feel that vaS'a'Daq could mean any location in the vicinity of the Great Hall, and that someone wishing to provide specificity would say vaS'a' qoDDaq or vaS'a' HurDaq as appropriate. Maybe vaS'a' yorDaq if their group were all Withiki.

ref. TKD 3.3.5 "to, in, at, on"

I came here to mention that when there are multiple locatives that nest one inside the other, it makes sense for each larger enclosure to precede the smaller ones, as in this sentence, but if X falls in the intersection of circles A and B of a Venn diagram, I'd say ADaq BDaq je X buvlu'.


I have look and read at this book again and I don't see anywhere that it says -Daq twice.


"Qo'noSDaq vaS'a' qoDDaq HIghom." Doesn't using "qoD" indicate that I'll be waiting for you Inside the hall, as opposed to at the door?


Yes, but it's as oddly specific as it would be to hear Meet me in the interior of the Great Hall.


But it's no odder than, "The interior bottom of my neighbor's apartment is adjacent to the interior top of mine."


That's not odd because you're intentionally being specific. To talk about how my ceiling is your floor is to be very specific.

And anyway, interior bottom and interior top may be overly specific in English, but in Klingon they're just simple words, bIS'ub and 'aqroS. Nothing oddly specific about them.

A language without separate words for fist or lap might think English has oddly specific words for closed hand and top of thighs when sitting, but English speakers don't think of these words as oddly specific. The same is true for bIS'ub and 'aqroS.


This I understand. But "qoDDaq" is how we say, "inside," or "within" in Klingon. The sentence might have been written, "Meet me at the Great..." So I can't understand why my original answer is inappropriate.


It's because vaS'a'Daq at the Great Hall and vaS'a' qoDDaq inside the Great Hall mean two different things.


My idea was botlhDaq but Duolingo say wrong to me.

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