"Majembe ya wanafunzi"

Translation:Students' hoes

June 24, 2018

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The English answer needs an apostrophe: Students' hoes


It seems to have been added in the last three hours ... or at least I see it above so it's somewhere in the system.


haha, dirty duolingo once again :P


The preferred translation is "Students' hoes", which is fine. But the hint card has "Students" - it's missing the apostrophe.


the hint card shows the translation for the word 'wanafunzi', which means students. The 'ya' makes it possessive; the direct translation is "hoes of (the) students"


"Hoes of the students" would also be a fine translation, as you suggest. But my issue is a very specific point: the preferred translation, shown at the top of this page, is given as "Students' hoes". This translation cannot be produced from the hint cards. It should always be possible to produce the preferred translation from the hint cards, so either the cards or the translation should be changed to make that possible.


so, 'hoes of (the) students' was not accepted? Then that should be reported, because both translations are correct.

Since the hint cards only give the translation of each word, it's not always possible to have the complete translated phrase or sentence in the cards (after all, they are only meant to be hints!). It is expected that sentence structure may change a bit from one language to another since sentences are not always grammatically correct, or sound organic, when directly translated.

I would suggest, when needed, to use the hint cards to figure out what the sentence means, then phrase it how you would in English. The contributors are still working on implementing corrections, so it's always a good idea to report it if your answer is correct/makes sense but is marked wrong


I apologize - I've used the wrong DL term! What I was calling the "hint cards", DL seems to call the "word bank". The "word bank" doesn't contain the words to produce the preferred translation "Students' hoes".

As an aside, I don't know how to report a glitch like this, because "Problem with the word bank" is not an option with the new reporting system.


In the word bank, apparently a word always displays the same hints no matter what activity it appears in, so they can't make wanafunzi say "students'" because the same hints are shown whenever the word wanafunzi comes up.

Personally, I never use the hints. The idea is to learn Swahili's words and grammar and if you don't know, there's no punishment for a wrong answer. You just have to do it again and that solidifies anything you don't know better than looking at a hint.


Dulingo needs to be nice. We're not learning any other garden tools! o_O


Is this a title of a new movie,based upon real events;)

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