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Confused with German

So, if I have this right, 'sie' can mean they OR she/her? Help.

June 24, 2018



Yes. And if it's Sie (capitalized S) then it's the formal form of "you" (so Sie instead of du).


To be more accurate, "sie" can on the one hand be the personal pronoun used for a 3rd person feminine noun in nominative or accusative case (corresponding to "she" resp. "her"). It is not a translation of "her" as a possessive pronoun, however. On the other hand "sie" can be the personal pronoun 3rd person plural in nominative or accusative case (corresponding to "they" resp. "them"). And as a third possibility there is the capitalized "Sie", which is nominative or accusative 2nd person formal form (that would be "you" in English).


I am pretty sure you are correct .


sie can mean:

Sie (formal)You

sie (she/her/they)

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