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a few issues

The accepted translations for this sentence have "children's music" and "kid's music" being interchangeable. It should be "kids' music".


And I don't think "kids' plate" should be marked as a typo here.

I think "kids' book" should be accepted here .....................................................................

Could be a bug. Could be a longstanding missing translation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11595277

"тут" isn't accepted as a substitute for "здесь" here ("The chicken is so tasty here"), and the unanswered question about why "здесь курица такая вкусная" isn't accepted seems to be of interest to many.

There's no reason one shouldn't be able to put "the" in front of "ice cream" in translations of [this sentence], is there?

June 24, 2018



Issues with "kids" resolved, thanks!

Seems to be a bug. "Тебя" has always been accepted as well as "вас", but there are a gazillion reports as well as complaints in the discussion, so something funny is happening.

"Тут" is accepted for every translation that works with здесь. I can't answer why the different word order isn't accepted or if it should be.

The last sentence doesn't seem to have made it in...


Thanks! Here's the missing link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12877764

Submit a bug report for the вас/тебя issue I guess? (and the тут / здесь one? wish I'd taken a screenshot)


I guess so

There doesn't seem to be any reason not to accept "the ice cream", I've added it.

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