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  5. "The tables are sold"

"The tables are sold"

Translation:Meza zinauzwa

June 24, 2018



I think the English sentence "The tables are sold" means that the tables have been sold, so zimeuzwa would be a better translation, no? Zinauzwa is more like "they are being sold", correct?


The sentence can also mean it's a continuous/habitual action, even though it's not usually phrased like that in speech. But 'zimeuzwa' should be accepted


I agree! English doesn't make a distinction between a passive state and a passive action. "The window is broken" could mean dirisha limevunjika (focus on the resulting state, with "broken" simply used as an adjective) or Dirisha linavunjwa (focus on the action, with "is broken" used as a passive verb phrase). Unless context in the rest of the sentence clears it up, both should be accepted, as in this activity.

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