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  5. "Dun tlhIngan wo'."

"Dun tlhIngan wo'."

Translation:The Klingon empire is wonderful.

June 24, 2018



reH tlhIngan wo' taHjaj!


That word order is only correct if you're toasting someone; not as a general sentence.


To give a little context: A number of sentences appeared in the Power Klingon tape that seemed to violate the correct sentence order. One of them was similar to this: reH tlhInganpu' taHjaj Klingons forever. When this was pointed out to Marc Okrand, he was ready with an answer: yes, the order is wrong, but that's because when you give a drinking toast as a wish, the verb with -jaj goes at the end.

Whether he intended this all along or found a way to backfit his error is unclear. But now, whenever you give a toast, make sure the verb with -jaj is the very last word of the toast, whether it follows OVS order or not.


No, pride. Hem tlhIngan Segh

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