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  5. "nuqDaq 'oH juHlIj'e'?"

"nuqDaq 'oH juHlIj'e'?"

Translation:Where is your home?

June 24, 2018



In Klingon, is this asking for exact location/address or a general area/planet?



Joking aside it's as general or specific as asking where something is in English. Also as in English if you need to be more specific, you can use a more specific question. Like asking for the coordinates or exact place of something.


Does 'Hlij' mean 'home'? Or is the whole word 'juHlij'?

Cuz the prefix ,'ju' means 'you', but relating to 'us', which makes no sense; it seems like it would be 'daHlij'.

So either 'juHlij' is a whole word, and 'ju' is not a prefix, or a mistake has been made in this translation. Or I'm confused. Or all of the above. Or something.


You can't start a word with two consonants, so Hl is impossible. This is actually juH ("home") with the suffix -lIj ("your").


I did not know that '-lij' is a suffix. Huh.



It has not been taught yet and is only being previewed in this lesson. The full explanation is given in the Animals Skill which is five Skills down the tree.


Personally, I think that's the sort of thing that should be taught before it's in a lesson, just to avoid the kind of confusion I just experienced.


I recall the -wIj, -lIj, -Daj suffixes being taught in the very beginning, e.g. with nuq 'oH ponglIj'e' or torgh 'oH'a' pongDaj'e'


They weren't really taught just there as part of set phrases. If you had some familiarity with the language to begin with, or a TKD and dogged determination, you might have figured it out. It was decided to give learners a few set phrases for which they did not yet have all the grammar, so they could say some basic things.

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