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"Levels" ???

With German I have Level 8 and Crown Level 37. (7 and 21, respectively, with Spanish.) What, exactly, are these numbers telling me?

June 24, 2018



I think they are just there for motivation. I mean reading a book or watching a video in German/Spanish and understanding the content will tell you more about your level in both of these languages.


Not much more than how many points you have or how much repetition you've undertaken in a particular lesson. Duolingo levels have nothing much to do with your linguistic understanding.


You can read about XP Levels here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/4908120 Your German Level is 8, because you have 1160 XP. The Crown Level (38) is the sum of the skill levels. You can see your progress here https://duome.eu/Dan173745/progress


Thank you to all the kind folks who responded to my query. I've concluded that the numbers really indicate how much fun I'm having with Duolingo! :)


The crowns are a reflection of how many skills you've completed, could be a mix of crown level ones, twos, threes and fives, depending. The level number simply reflects how many lessons you've completed. They tell you more about how much time you're spending on Duo than about how fluent you are.



they mean basically nothing :-)

8/25 levels (experience points = XP)
7/25 levels (experience points = XP)

The max crowns are max. skills x 5 + bonus-skills (only crown level L1)

You can find the max crown levels per tree on your SHOF progress page: http://www.duome.eu/Dan173745/progress


AS already said by others, the "crowns" the number of lessons (to be more accurate: lesson levels) you have completed. The "levels" are computed from so called "experience points", which roughly measure how much (in the sense of how often) you have been practicing.

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