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Is this sentence correct

Auf diesem Foto sind 2 Personen abgebildet, die sich umarmen.

I am trying to say "There are 2 people in this picture, who are hugging". I know that the verb for hug is "umarmen", but I have not met "sich umarmen" and I wonder if I can use it like a reflexive verb. Can you help me guys?

June 24, 2018



Hi dimittrow Your sencence is absolutely correct, it needs the sich.


just think of the "sich" to mean "each other"/"one another".


might be worth checking whether you need the abgebildet...

Auf diesem Foto sind 2 Personen, die sich umarmen. seems closer to your sentence... I think perhaps your version is saying: There are 2 people pictured in this photo, who are hugging.


You are absolutely right: In colloquial German we wouldn't use the "abgebildet", but still grammatically it's right to say so.

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