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Japanese "Words" page guide (updated)

Step 1. Switch to the Spanish course. (Or switch to one of the other courses which has a "Words" page — German, French, Portuguese, or Italian.)

Step 2. Duplicate tab. (Right-click on your browser tab and select "duplicate" or "duplicate tab".)

You should now have two browser tabs open, both displaying the Spanish course "Home" page.

Step 3. Current tab: Click "Words".

Step 4. Other tab: Switch to the Japanese course. (Once it has changed to the Japanese course, you can close this tab if you like.)

Step 5. Back on the previous tab: Duplicate this tab.

Step 6. Enjoy! ^^

Here's a video of me doing this trick in Chrome:

June 24, 2018



--- Quicker version ---

Step 1. Switch to the Spanish course.

Step 2. Middle-click "Words". (Click the mouse scroll-wheel button on it. This should open the Spanish "Words" page in a new tab in the background, but don't switch to this tab yet.)

Step 3. Switch to the Japanese course.

Step 4. Right-click that background tab still on the Spanish "Words" page and select "duplicate" or "duplicate tab".


For Edge, this doesn't work.

But, I've actually found a way that it does work (and it's easier too!)

Step 1: Switch to the Spanish course.

Step 2: Middle-click "Words." (Or right click it and open it in a new tab.)

Step 3: Switch to whatever course you want words in that doesn't have it.

Step 4: Go to the other tab still on the Spanish "Words" page and refresh it.


Oh wow! Nice job! Just tested this myself and sure enough it works in Edge! This also worked for me with Internet Explorer 11 too.

Strange that Chrome and Firefox behave differently. I double-checked. Your easier method sadly still doesn't work in either of these.

With both our versions of the instructions, hopefully now everyone can get it working whatever desktop browser they use. If one doesn't work, the other hopefully will. ^^


Oh, this way doesn't work in Chrome and Firefox? That's strange; I thought it'd do about the same thing, and it works in the others.

Well, if one way works in Edge and Internet Explorer, and the other in Firefox and Chrome (and supposedly some similar browsers), then there's a way for everyone!

(When I do the way for Chrome and Firefox on Edge, it just goes back to the main duolingo.com page, as it does when you try to go to the duolingo.com/words page when you're not learning a language that has words.)


❤❤❤ DUOLINGO?! If it does indeed exist... why have they not pushed this out to users yet?


It has always been there. Also, not only for the Japanese course. This words page trick works for every single course there is on Duolingo!

However, I believe the words page was just a feature of Duo's 'original' courses — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and (from certain languages) English. I think courses added after these were intentionally designed differently in a way that would no longer need a words page. The words page we can access via this trick is merely automatically generated from your user profile data, rather than actually being a purposely purposefully made feature of the course.

Still, I think it's handy to be able to view it. I find it interesting to see the strength meters and how long it says it has been since specific words and skills were last studied. But I think its use is more limited than what the words page was originally designed for. ^^


Gave you a lingot cause I forgot how to do this and was starting to have trouble remembering vocab, so thanks! :D


That's amazing! I just did it for Polish, and it worked. Have an upvote and a lingot.


Works like a charm! Thank you so much for this! Why can't Duo make access to this page more easy?

[deactivated user]

    it works for korean as well - woop! strange, it's such a useful page i dunno why we can't have it


    Thank you so much, testmoogle!

    For some reason in FF I kept getting the 404 error, but I've installed Chrome now and it works fine there. If only I could get this list to display in the mobile Chrome browser...

    Does Duolingo believe that hiding the word list improves the quality of our learning process?! Well, Irish is already hard enough as it is!


    Overnight it seems like this ability has been taken from us again. At least on Chrome.

    Any other ideas? I really like and use this feature.


    Just checked it out myself. You're right! My guide for Chrome and Firefox now no longer works.

    However, the altered version which jonathanbost wrote in his comment does still work in Edge and Internet Explorer! (Basically, at my "step 5", refresh the page instead of duplicating the tab.)

    So now, whenever we want to do this trick, ironically we'll have to switch to Edge or IE (or another browser that behaves the same way as those two).

    I'm not sure if there are any more tricks that still work for getting to the words page on Chrome and Firefox. I did have a secret trick I'd never mentioned before, but this one got removed not long ago too. :(


    I've tried 3 other methods and as of April 2019, this is the only one that has worked for me. Shut up and take my lingot.


    As far as I know, this can now only be done using Microsoft Edge. And that probably won't be for long since Edge is moving to a chromium platform.


    I accidentally got it back in Chrome by trying variations of the click on words idea, but I can't duplicate it. One of the German tabs I created got "pinned" and in a subsequent unpinned duplicated Russian tab, I had my Russian words. I keep trying to make it happen again to no avail and maybe with this clue one of us might accidentally make it happen again. Somehow pinning one of the tabs let it happen.


    Just a dumb question, but why does it seem there is a concerted effort to remove this capability? I see it requested frequently in the "What would you like to see" thread. I don't get it. It is a great feature and I have it open every time I do a lesson.


    I agree. I used to be able to use it on Firefox, but can do so no longer. 7/29/18


    I have just discovered this by sheer luck (for Japanese (en), switching from German (fr)), and decided to look up in the forum if anything was stated about this — and here it is.
    I think Duolingo should be asked to allow its users accessing this subpage as easily as the others; I know I for one am delighted to have found it. If anyone can contact whomever needs to, I am supporting the intiative.

    Mister Duo, tear down this wall!


    Which browser? It gives me an error 404 on Chrome


    Works flawlessly in the main two browsers I use in Windows 10:

    • Chrome (desktop browser, up-to-date version 67, default settings)
    • Firefox (desktop browser, up-to-date version 60, default settings)

    However, you've reminded me I should also test it in other browsers. It doesn't appear to work in Microsoft's browsers — neither Microsoft Edge nor Internet Explorer 11.

    (See my video demonstration for doing it in Chrome, which I've now appended at the end of my main post.)


    I got error 404 on both Edge and Firefox.


    As I said in my comment, it doesn't work in Edge. That's what I get too in Edge and Internet Explorer 11 — an error 404 page.

    However, it definitely works in Firefox. ^^

    If you are completely certain you followed my steps 100% exactly how I wrote them, then it must mean either of the following two things:

    • Your Firefox is set up different from the default settings. Maybe you have a browser extension or some other software interfering. I'm not even sure whether any of this could prevent the trick from working anyway.

    • Your Duolingo account is in an A/B test I don't know about. However, I own seven Duolingo accounts and I've tested that it works perfectly fine on all seven of them using Firefox. So the chance of there existing an A/B test preventing it from working is very unlikely.


    muy real! yo lo hice mediante portugués, muchas gracias!


    Don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't get it to work. Trying it in Chrome.


    Thanks so much :) I did this for the Esperanto course.


    This worked perfectly in Chrome! Thank you so much!!!




    So close to 1000...


    WHOAH thank you very much !!!!! Really thank you !!!! i give you 5 lingots for this !! ;)


    Works for me, although I'm a bit suspicious that all the words seem to have a full strength bar.


    Thank you. You are the best. I don't have Japanese letters but, arigato


    Wow, that is amazing. Thank you so much!!!




    いいね! どうもありがとうございます!


    You just got a lingot


    Thank you for your help !!! This works now :)


    this doesnt work on safari


    OMG thank you so much, you're a hero!



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