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Bugs after latest iOs 7.1.1 major Duolingo 4.0 update. (iPhone 4s European)

Hi, I use iOS 7.1.1 on a European iPhone 4S. Duolingo had worked perfectly until the latest major update 4.0. I am learning Spanish for English speakers.

Overview of bugs I encountered: - App window won't switch from landscape to portret. It's stuck in landscape.

  • trial with 3 pictures & 2 radio buttons 'el' or 'la' & text input (e.g. 'familia') -> unreadable labels for radio buttons

  • Freezes when practice is finished, although points are given. -> continue button doesn't work at all -> only way to proceed is to close and restart the app. -> on results overview text 'Heart bonus" overlaps the continue button

April 28, 2014


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