Translation:The hotel is far from the bus stop.

5 months ago



why is it sometimes la parada de autobus but other times la parada del autobus?

4 months ago


I have the same question... many times DL used the article only once like "la estación de autobús" and not "del".. but now why it's needed???

I think it is a mistake as google translated the same sentence with "de" only and not "del"

I hope someone can clear this confusion

4 months ago


When do I use "de" and when do I use "del"?

4 months ago


In this circumstance, either should work because both are commonly used.

3 hours ago


I'm sorry but what the dickens wrong with " The hotel's far from the bus stop"?

4 months ago

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nothing, report it

4 months ago


I agree, Duo sometimes uses "parada de autos" and other times it uses "del"

3 months ago


when I rechecked my answer according to google translation the correct tranlation is la parada de Not del autobus.

2 months ago


why was it wrong to translate it as bus station?

5 months ago

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The station = la estación
The stop = la parada

5 months ago


I'm guessing but it seems "la parada" is feminine and I suppose bus is masculine which would be "el autobus." I'm starting to believe that "del" is used when masculine things like bus, cafe, hotel, etc. are used at the end of these phrases. I don't know if I'll EVER be able to understand all the different word changes due to masculine and feminine languages. It's like learning five languages at one time when the meaning of words change because certain other words that follow. Frustrating but still trying.

2 months ago


I don't know... la estación de tren is the same thing, but I would think it would be del instead. I'm not sure if that word corresponds with the station or the train.

1 day ago
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