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  5. "Anasafisha na sabuni?"

"Anasafisha na sabuni?"

Translation:Is he cleaning with soap?

June 24, 2018



Can we add 'washing' as an option, as washing is generally with soap and water?


wash is 'osha'. 'Safisha' doesn't necessarily mean you're washing something, it's generally used to mean cleaning


Hmm, yeah, but I think his point was, if you're cleaning something with soap, you're probably washing it ... unless, like, you're sweeping something up with a piece of dry soap.


true, it can be assumed that since soap is used, it's washing, but I don't think the two words are interchangeable, since 'safisha' is a more general term and is used as such


Yeah, I'm more inclined to agree with you I think, but understand what Ben is saying.


Wow, "sabu" as soap is so widespread. From India to Arabia to Potrugal and Spain to East Africa, it's almost the exact same! Originally Arabic though, right?


I noticed that, too! In Spanish it's jabón. It makes sense for it to be Arabic since there is a lot of Arabic influence in Spanish.


In Greek it's "sapuni". The greek language is very influenced by the Turkish one, so thats probably where it came from, since Turkish has many similarities with Arabic. But it still is very fascinating!


"he is cleaning with soap?" - what's wrong with this. There's a clearly a '?' there :(


Why anasafisha and not kusafisha ?

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