Translation:I ran.

June 24, 2018



Man seeing this makes me wonder how would one say And I ran, I ran so far away. I just ran I ran all night and day I couldn't get away.

Yeah Flock of Seagulls


'ej jIqet, Hopqu' ghochwIj. jIqet, qaStaHvIS pem Hoch ram Hoch je jIqet. jInarghlaHbe'.

I didn't include the "just": if I had stuck a neH after jIqet, it would have trivialized the running instead of saying that running was the only thing I did. I can think of no shorter way to indicate the "just" except with something like jaS jIvangbe' I didn't act differently.


I wondered the same thing, TelpeH. I came up with a slightly different Klingon translation, though. ;-)

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