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problems getting worse and worse!!! help!

hello, I have already posted a few days ago but didn't receive any feedback whatsoever (see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2739711)

I study spanish for english speaking students. I'm currently using Safari on MacOs, with the latest version of Flash, and have tried using Chrome too.

when studying at home, on the website, most sounds have disappeared. For example the positive 'bling' when I do something right, the success sound at the end of a finished lesson, and the mistake sound. Also, the voice is missing when I hover a word.

I used to be able to hear the audio in examples until this morning, but right now when I get a "Type what you hear" exercise the voice has disappeared as well, I can only hear what I'm supposed to be typing if click the slower turtle button. When I use Chrome the last one doesn't work either.

UPDATE 3.53 pm even the turtle button has now stopped working on safari as well.

I've tried clearing my cache, resetting safari etc. no way. I have no problems on other sites, and I use many, only Duolingo has stopped working in the last week or so.

Duolingo is positively becoming unusable for me, which is sad because I was really enjoying it. Can anyone help me???

April 28, 2014



Hi! Yes, we're taking a look right now.


EDIT: looks like staff made it here while I was typing. ^_^

Hi tanataviele,

Until staff is able to get to this, please turn off speakers in the settings. You will be able to continue your lessons that way without losing hearts. Also, I found a few old discussions that might contain useful information.

In the future, don't forget to use the search bar in the Troubleshooting forum to try to find other posts about broken sound. You might be able to find previous help tips from staff and other users. I used the search bar in the Troubleshooting forum to find the links below. I had to look through several though. It takes time, but sometimes it will help you find an answer. :)

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/44821 (Firefox's flashblocker)

If you have flashblocker, this user (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1982785) suggests If you have a Flash blocker add 'duolingo.com' to its whitelist. If Flash crashed try reloading the page.

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/229781 (reload page and block extensions and update flash. See kristinemc's comment for how to disable chrome extensions)

If any of these fixed your sound problems, will you please comment and let us know? Thanks ^_^


a lingot as a thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it didn't help. I have no flash blocker whatsoever, and no extensions in use on safari or chrome. My flash and browsers are up to date, and working fine on other sites. Once, audio briefly reappeared after resetting safari, in the sense that I was able to do a 'type what you hear' once, and only once, then DL went silent again.


I must also add that I also have problems viewing some images, for example user icons (see https://www.evernote.com/shard/s101/sh/6ed549e6-b577-4640-a82b-d72ff4b897d5/bb69505fc5bb6d43331310e3717d4673)


Hi tanataviele, could you tell us which iOS and browser versions you're running?


I normally use Safari 7.0.3 on MacOs 10.9.2, all extensions are currently disabled. after I started experiencing problems I tried using Chrome (34.0.1847.131) I have no flash blocker and my flash version is MAC 13,0,0,206

Right now my icon and the ones on this discussion are visible, but not those of other people in other discussions. Still no audio.


Thanks for the quick reply. Trying to narrow down the issue:

  • Are you experiencing the exact same problems in chrome, no images no sound?
  • What happens if you try using an incognito window (in either browser)?


No, it's not exactly the same, although very similar. And every day it's different. For example: today that's how I see DL home page on Chrome: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s101/sh/d11a014e-ea07-4ceb-b1d4-e79171c990fe/a07d8e7af02d67c70a6c5fb0d000beb0

whereas things go much better on Safari: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s101/sh/fdd6f8a6-2f6e-4623-a809-bd96183e8a5a/8afc99959fc887887001ac06660d6b5b

As you can see, DL is today unusable on Chrome so I can't tell you how's with audio. As for Safari, I apparently can see all images, and hear the female voice when doing audio exercises AND when I hover words (first time in weeks!) but I still can't hear other sounds (e.g. mistake or success).

What do you mean by an "incognito window'? using DL after having logged out?


Hi tanataviele, can you try Private Browsing in Safari? at the top menu on your desktop (w/ Safari open) go to: Safari > Private Browsing... > When the alert "Do you want to turn on Private Browsing?" comes up, click OK

You can also try an "Incognito window" by going to: File > New Incognito Window in Chrome

Let us know how things look there. Thanks for all the info!


Thanks, so those look normal, did everything else look ok in those windows? were you able to hear sounds/see images?


well, images were ok in the home page. As for sounds I can't tell - there have never been sounds in DL home page.... as far as I know. As for lessons pages - of course I can't access them when incognito. In private mode it is only possible to see the home page. Edit: I can also see discussion pages, like this one, and in that case I still don't see user images.


You should still be able to do lessons in an incognito window.


how? when on the home page the only thing I can do is log in, and login is impossible in incognito mode - obviously, since the browser refuses to send any identification, no cookies, no GET and no POST data. When I try, nothing happens. I've tried getting directly to a lesson page and again I am simply requested to login.


BTW that's how incognito SHOULD work, so it's a good thing ;-) but of course it doesn't allow to check lessons on DL :-(


Actually that isn't how incognito mode in most browsers works by default. You can have temporary cookies, (they are cleared/removed when you either close the browser or turn off incognito mode) and you can send requests and receive responses from the server.

The purpose of incognito mode isn't to prevent interaction completely, but rather to not store any activity that occurs. See more info here.


ok, I've tried and re-tried. It is very difficult to log in because I use Facebook and Safari and Chrome repeatedly try to get my password from the keychain, and for some reason this doesn't work when incognito, so that's why I was unable to connect. I had to completely remove my info from the keychain, then managed to login to my account on DL and I was able to reach my lessons in incognito mode. Whew! :-) There is absolutely no difference, however, with when I use the site normally. That is, currently, no success/failure/transition/levelup etc. sounds, but I can hear the voice in exercises. Same problems with images too. I have no time to check with Chrome now but I will try tomorrow.


this happened to me when i use chrome on linux try to stop Adblock extension and update flash player


Sound not working, don't know why, it was working yesterday. I get this message: "add 'duolingo.com' to its whitelist. If Flash crashed try reloading the page." - which I don't understand.


I've never had to do it before. But if you type your operating system and how to add to Flash whitelist, some instructions should come up via Google. I hope that helps!


Nothing works any more

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