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  5. "We are going there now."

"We are going there now."

Translation:My tam teď jdeme.

June 25, 2018



"My jdeme tam teď" is wrong?


My GUESS is that your version is wrong because "tam" is one of those words that want to be the second position.... lots of competition to be "number two" in Czech! :-)


This is not a guess, it's actually correct. In neutral sentences, "tam" behaves as a clitic. However, "tam" is not always a clitic and it can also be used at the beginning or at the end of a sentence if there is a strong reason to emphasize it.

Typically as an answer to a question "where". Where do you go? Kam jdete? We go there. My jdeme tam.


Thanks for the clarification and additional info!


That is the future tense.


And with that spelling error, it sounds like "We are going to croak there now."


Why is "My SEM teď jdeme." wrong, while "My TAM teď jdeme" is accepted?

As far as I know, the sentence "We are going there now." can mean (and usually means) that we are going in a direction, so I should use "sem", shouldn't I?


Oh, excuse me, I got it now). I just thought that tam is used only for the place, not for the direction.

"sem" is translated like "here" (for the direction only), while "there" is translated like "tam" (regardless of whether it means direction or just place).

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