"Eighteen thousand"

Translation:Elfu kumi na nane

June 25, 2018



How do you say "ten thousand and eight"?

June 25, 2018


I've been told intonation distinguishes them:

elfu kumi na nane = 18,000
elfu kumi, na nane = 1,008
elfu moja, (na) kumi na nane = 1,018

Apparently in Zanzibar, elfu often comes after, so they might be kumi na nane elfu and kumi elfu na nane respectively.

June 25, 2018


Here's how. This is what I was taught those several years ago back in Kindergarten. Normally people will say "elfu kumi na nane" to mean Eighteen thousand and such. But if you care for accuracy, this is the distinction;

Eighteen thousand - 18,000 - Kumi na nane elfu

Ten thousand and eight - 10,008 - Kumi elfu na nane

What changes is the position of the "elfu".

November 11, 2018
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