"He is a man."

Translation:Er ist ein Mann.

March 26, 2013



I am not understanding the difference between einen and ein. Why is einen incorrect in this sentence?

August 19, 2013


With masculine nouns like Mann, the indefinite article einen is used for accusative case, ein for nominative.
When you have a predicate noun (like Mann in this sentence), you use nominative. Here is some further reading... Pay attention to the second paragraph as it shows you which verbs to look out for... http://coerll.utexas.edu/gg/gr/cas_02.html

October 4, 2013


Ein use for men and eine use for women

July 14, 2014


What is the difference between bist and ist? Bist is feminine?

July 24, 2013


No. Same verb, different conjugation depending on subject. You are = du bist. He is = er ist.
Here's the conjugation table for "sein" (to be):

July 24, 2013


Both bist and ist is the verb conjugation for the irregular verb sein (to be). Here is a conjugation chart for it: ich - bin = I am du - bist = you are er - ist = he is sie - ist = she is es - ist = it is wir - sind = we are sie - sind = they are Sie - sind = formal you are ihr - seid = ya'll are So basically they are the same word conjugated to different pronouns. And no verbs do not have masculine, feminine, or neuter forms their forms change based on the noun/pronoun.

December 18, 2013


what's the difference between Er and Sie, when saying ''He is a man''?

April 10, 2013


Er = he
Sie = You (formal), or, if at the start of a sentence Sie could be you (formal), she, they, depending on verbs
sie = they, she, depending on verbs

Here's a list of personal pronouns:

Hope that helps!

April 10, 2013


Please, what's the difference between Mann and Mensch?

March 26, 2013


Mann = man, an adult male human, opposite of a woman, can also be used for "husband"

Mensch = person (male or female), man (in the sense of mankind), human being

March 26, 2013


What is the difference between Der and Er?

April 27, 2013


Can someone explain the grammar on where the ‘is’ is, also the placement of words with the ‘is’

March 29, 2019
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