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Unterkunft oder Pension?

I wrote Pension, but Duo wanted Unterkunft. Was I right? Are they interchangeable?

June 25, 2018


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How are we supposed to know if you were right when we don’t know the source sentence?

Pension is a specific type of Unterkunft. Unterkunft is related to unterkommen and refers to anything that provides shelter. One might paraphrase it as “Dach überm Kopf”. It covers anything from a luxury hotel to a hostel and can also include staying with friends and relatives.

“Ich fahre nächste Woche mach Berlin und suche noch eine Unterkunft.” - “Mein Bruder wohnt in Berlin. Ich bin sicher, du kannst ein paar Tage bei ihm wohnen.”


as already said: "Unterkunft" is the more general term. It can be translated to "accommodation".


You are right. How are you supposed to know? My mistake. I am still a little unsure about the mechanics of Duolingo. I will try to include the context next time.

That was a great explanation. Thank you! It helped clarify the distinction. Hopefully, next time, I will get the question right!

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You can also use online resources to find answers for questions like this one. My favorite site is linguee.de, which not only offers a dictionary like look-up function, but also provides bilingual sources where the seach term is being used in different contexts and with different translations.



Ich mag es! Vielen Dank!


For Germans a "Pension" is rather the same as a B&B in England. I have skimmed Wikipedia about "Pension (lodging)". It is not the same as "Pension (Unterkunft)", although Wikipedia links them.

Da Pensionen in der Regel über keine eigene Küche verfügen, gibt es meist nur Frühstück.

In contrast to bed and breakfasts, more usual in the United States, pensions typically offer not only breakfast, but also lunch, dinner and sometimes even tea.

"Unterkunft" is already well explained by Jileha.

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