Romanian - Level 25

After 7 long and wonderful months learning Romanian through Duolingo I finally hit level 25 ^_^. However, I haven't finished the entire tree yet, I have 5 lessons left XD

June 25, 2018


Congratulations! It's a challenging but beautiful language for sure. Have fun finishing the tree!

June 25, 2018

Bravo ;)

June 25, 2018


June 26, 2018

Congratulations :)

June 26, 2018

That is a wonderful achievement! Congratulations for the job well done! I have started learning Romanian not long ago and I am enjoying the Duolingo course very much as well.

June 27, 2018

Felicitări! Am studiat românesc timp de aproximativ un an și mi se pare destul de dificil. Dar eu continui să merg până ajung la nivelul 25!

June 25, 2018

"Felicitări! Eu studiez româna timp de aproximativ un an și mi se pare destul de dificilă. Dar voi continua să învăț până voi ajunge la nivelul 25!".

"românesc" is an adjective (and in this case is at its masculine form). e.g. "un castel românesc"; "o haină românească";

român(ă) can also be an adjective, but I think that "românesc/românească" would rather be used ('român' sounds pretty weird as an adjective to be honest).

"dificil" is at its feminine form because it agrees with the noun, which in this case is at its feminine form as well (româna).

The past tense here (Am studiat) doesn't really work because you're kind of still studying, so you can think of "Studiez' as "I'm studying", I guess.

"continui să merg" doesn't sound that well here; I get what you were going for, but it just sounds weirddd..

I added instead the future tense, which is kind of like " I'll be continuing/ I'll continue". I guess you could've also said "Continui să învăț până ajung la nivelul 25!" but then, the exclamation mark wouldn't really fit/would sound weird, instead it should be a dot. I also added "învăț" instead of "studiez" just to be less repetitive. Anyway, the best one would be the former (Dar voi continua să învăț până voi ajunge la nivelul 25!), especially with the exclamation mark.

And the last thing I think: it would sound weird if you put the pronoun (eu) in the last sentence; it, however, sounds less weird if you'd put it in the second one and then just leave the last without any pronoun, because, I suppose, one time emphasizing yourself is enough, or something, and it should also be written the first time you're able to (at least in this example, it probably differs though) ;d

Also something good to know, if you didn't already (kind of like a bonus): it would also be probably more common to write "Eu studiez româna de aproximativ* un an." (although "eu" would be left out if this were a stand-alone sentence), without "timp".

Also, kind of something else pretty trivial: if one were to say "(eu) studiez româna de un an, aproximativ.", then, also hinted by that comma, there would be a pause between "an" and "aproximativ". If there were an exclamation mark at the end, then you'd probably have no pause, but with the intonation and all, for this sentence/example at least, it would be pretty weird ;d

Anyways, sorry for this much writing, for the most part it wasn't that bad, so definitely good job on that and good luck on any further endeavors you'll have in this language!

June 25, 2018

Congratulations! This is my dream! Along with a beautiful Romanian girlfriend.

or two

June 25, 2018

Congratulations! Very nice achievement!

June 25, 2018
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