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"Ha'DIbaHmey bIHbej mIl'oDmey'e'."

Translation:Sabre bears are definitely animals.

June 25, 2018



While the given sentence is not technically wrong, this would be better expressed as Ha'DIbaHmeyna' bIH mIl'oDmey'e'.


It seems the qaghwI' is missed in the audio pronunciation during mIl'oDmey? Or am I misunderstanding something?


Qov, this sentence doesn't have any audio recorded, but the token from Ha'DIbaHmey Qob bIH mIl'oDmey'e' . gets played here. On that sentence, both the sentence and the token sound more like "mIloDmey'e'".


Agreed, re-recorded. In Russian bears are myedvyed, and sweetheart can be mili. I think there's overlap where I think of the mIl'oD as a sweet little bear, and lose the stop.

Also, I've just come back from Czechia where the words are like Russian, but they are almost all stressed on the first syllable, even when it sounds wrong, so I bet I'm going to do that with Klingon somewhere. Keep calling me out!

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