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  5. "tera' ghor HochHom vel bIQ."

"tera' ghor HochHom vel bIQ."

Translation:Water covers most of the Earth's surface.

June 25, 2018



Why did HochHom come before Dujmey in an earlier sentence, but after tera' ghor here?


HochHom before a noun means most of the nouns of a collection of nouns; HochHom after a noun means almost the entire portion of a single noun.

HochHom Duj most of the ships (not quite all of them)

Duj HochHom most of the ship (not quite the entire ship)


That is most helpful. I'm sure I just forgot it from one of the Tips & Notes, so thank you for your patience.


The duolingo software is strange here, I had to choose words, and I chose:


Water covers most of Earth s surface.

It looks like it's criticizing me (though not actually penalizing me) for missing the apostrophe, when it's included, although it could be penalizing me for including a space (when I didn't)

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