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what's the difference between "allein" and "alleine" ?

please, give me kindly some examples.

June 25, 2018



nothing at all, just sometimes alleine feels better.

Jetzt bin ich allein = Now I am alone

Ich bin immer alleine = I am always alone

Could be said

Jetzt bin ich alleine

Ich bin immer allein

however one just sounds better at the time, but it's not a big deal.


Might "sound" better to some, but still it doesn't make a difference and hasn't anything to do with time (now, always or whatever). You could still say "Jetzt bin ich allein" or "Jetzt bin ich alleine". It really does not make a difference.

BUT: "Allein" is the formal and correct word to use. "Alleine" is rather colloquial and often used by children.


Duden gives: al­lein, umgangssprachlich auch al­lei­ne
I take that to mean: allein is always correct, whereas alleine might not always be.


Alleine in formal text is a bit weird, since it is more colloquial like you said, but on the internet you can never be wrong.


good point!

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